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Placebo = HEAL

Dr. Jain discusses key scientific findings in the field of placebo research, proposes a new framing of placebo, and discusses how to implement "placebo" elements in clinical and daily practice.

Hacking Into Healing

Dr. Jain discusses the history of psychoneuroimmunology, the rise of bioelectromagnetics, and the need for the rigorous inquiry into consciousness and healing to accelerate the true future of medicine.

Moving from a Disease Model to a Healing Model

Dr. Jain shares how we can use biofield therapy to move away from a disease-focused treatment model and towards a healing-focused model. She encourages skeptics to judge biofield healing on actual study quality, benefit-to-harm ratio, and documented outcomes of clinical importance, rather than non-belief.

Want to Feel Better? Get to Know Your Biofield.

Dr. Jain introduces the concept of the biofield and offers practical tips anyone can use to impact their biofield health.

A New Paradigm for Health and Wellness

Daily headlines are filled with stories showing how sick, violent, and disconnected people have become. From the opioid crisis to violence emanating from mental illness and everything in between, current solutions are not working. Dr. Jain says the time is now for us to come together and create a new paradigm for healing that empowers those seeking help by offering solutions capable of healing the whole person.

The Power of Conscious Connection

Can our consciousness heal another person? How does that work? Is this really backed up by scientific studies? Dr. Jain asserts that if we can feel each other, we can heal each other.
Discover the scientific evidence behind healing and biofield science. Dr. Jain explains that the biofield is the missing link that helps us understand how healing works, and how we can heal ourselves and others.

Consciousness as a Catalyst for Healing

How does consciousness catalyze the healing process? Dr. Jain describes her published research with healing in cancer survivors and explains why advancing the research field of biofield science (despite its controversies) will empower us to better heal ourselves and each other.

What Is Healing?

Dr. Jain discusses current understandings of healing, touching on subtle energy concepts, placebo, and the need to integrate different models of healing to accelerate breakthroughs in science and medicine.

Unlocking the Mind-Body Connection

Dr. Jain presents the core concepts of psychoneuroimmunology and how mind-body practices affect our health.

Is Positivity Overrated?

Can the power of positivity really help solve the most critical issues in our society — from rampant depression, to pervasive heart disease, to wars and genocide? It’s a legitimate question, and in order to understand the power of positivity, it helps to actually explore the science behind it.

The Future of Meditation Research

Can we take our study of meditation further? Dr. Jain shares the ancient Vedic yogic principles behind meditation and explores how we can utilize these principles to further our scientific inquiry of meditation beyond "stress reduction."
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